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Solar power and solar energy can save homeowners hundreds of dollars on their bills each month while helping to live a greener, more sustainable life. Most people do not understand how much they are overpaying in their utility bills each year. For example, over the next decade, solarcity-banner-400x300the average homeowner will spend over $12,000 on electricity for their home. On top of this, electricity prices throughout the U.S. have risen approximately 50% since 1990 and that rate of inflation is expect to increase approximately 4% annually. Investing in solar energy and solar power now, rather than in the future is the smartest thing a homeowner can do to save money in the near term and long term.

SolarĀ  energy and solar power systems are economical and here is an example of how residential solar systems can work for you. Your average home electric bill is around $200 a month, installing solar panels and solar power will save you approximately $1,680 annually. Not only can solar power and solar energy help you save money on your home electric bills, but it can also help increase the value of your home. A recent study indicated that the value of homes with solar power and solar energy can increase $20 for each $1 saved in annual electric bills. That means your property value would increase by $20,000 if you reduced your annual electric bill by $1,000 with home solar panels.


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