Recycling Electronics

3 Simple Steps for Recycling Your iPhone, Android, Mac, Tablet, Ipod, Laptop, Camera and more.

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Step One: Search for the electronic you want to recycle

 Search for the electonics or gadget you are looking to recycle. You can do this by typing the name, model, or brand of the item you have in the search bar located on our homepage and clicking search. You can also search by the categories located on the left of every page. Once you have found your item, please enter the condition and specifications of your gadget. You will then be given a price that we will pay you for it (which is only guaranteed for 30 days upon processing the order). If you have more items, just add them to your cart, and proceed to checkout. At checkout, please designate whether you would like to be paid via PayPal or Business Check.


Step Two: Mail it in (with our Prepaid UPS Label)

Once you have completed checkout, you will be receiving your UPS shipping label via email. When you check your e-mail account, check your junk, spam, and trash folders, as our emails end up in there sometimes. You will need to find a box to place all of your items in. When packaging your items please try to pad it with crumpled newspaper, as we recycle this material as well. Once you have your item boxed and labeled, please give it to any UPS Driver, or drop it off at a UPS store or location.


Step Three: Get Paid Cash for your Electronics

Once we receive your package, we need to simply inspect your items to make sure that they are as stated on your order. We will then process your order and pay you cash for recycling your electronics. Start today and get a $10 bonus when your electronics are worth at least $25.


 Get Started Today & recycle your electronics with

 Electronic recycling is important to help keep old, used, and broken electronics out of landfills. Recycling your electronics will help you be green and get paid for your old electronics.



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6 comments on “Recycling Electronics

  1. Chad States says:

    I have 3 printers and do not think any of them work and do not know what is wrong with them are you still interested and are they worth any money? One is an hp others are lexmarks.

  2. John King says:

    I have some used BLANK DVDs to get rid of I make special custom DVDs for a living. So is there anyway for me to get rid of my bad ones cause I really need to get rid of them before someone steals my stuff. This is really urgent.

  3. lar says:

    i have 5 tup992th star printers and 5 elo 17″ lcd touch screen could you advise on procedure for selling thks larry

  4. Danica says:

    I have a fully functional iphone 4s 16 gb that i want to sell, but it is all taken apart and missing some screws. could i still sell it ?

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