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Repurpose a Botton Down Shirt as an Apron

apron-dressshirt We love this idea from the blogs Bee In My Bonnet and Gabriel’s Good Tidings. It’s a clever way to repurpose a button down dress shirt. One little salad dressing stain or ink pen mark could render a dress shirt unsuitable for work, but that’s no reason to throw it away! Why not make it into a cute, classy apron that will protect your clothes as you whip up dinner or a batch of cupcakes?

Here are the instructions:

1. Start with a man’s dress shirt.  Cut off the sleeves and the back.

2. Cut around the collar but leave it intact. Cut very close to the seam so as to not have to hem anything or have any raw edges.step3

3. Use your rotary cutter and ruler to make a diagonal cut from the armpit to the top of the shoulder on both sides (making sure both sides are even).

4. On the raw edge that you just cut, turn a hem under, concealing all raw edges, and sew it down.  Do this on both sides.

5. The final step is to make the apron ties.  You could use ribbon or cut strips of fabric on the bias to make the apron interesting.

finished6. Close all raw edges in and sew your straps on to the bottom of your diagonal cut.  Be sure to back-stitch several times for reinforcement.

Get creative with embellishments or using other fabric scraps for apron pockets.

Share you own ideas in the comments section below!

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Green Building & Renovations with Reclaimed Material

Once again referencing  my background as a Purchasing Manager for one of New Jersey’s “greenest” production and multifamily builders, I want to share a couple of great finds for those looking to build, or rebuild a more eco-friendly home.

I was fortunate to connect with Trish Holder, and find someone sharing not just the practical building end, but valuable info regarding the aesthetics as well. Trish is creator and publisher of Greenspiration Home, an online publication dedicated to educating homeowners about green building, renovating and decorating in a unique peer-to-peer format. Trish is also the proud owner of the first LEED certified single family home in Greensboro, NC. (walking the walk,  love that)

One of my favorite recent finds on her page featured a gorgeous home, with evident dedication to using reclaimed material.

 “I know from personal experience that nothing lends more character to a home than a reclaimed treasure such as a mantle, barn wood flooring, etc. Well, homeowner, Jeff Toye is a master reclaimer. Check out all the character he has packed into his New Jersey18th century home.” shares Holder.

Jeff Toyes relates in detail where his inspiration started and how he used it to create a truly unique and beautiful home. Check out the article and be inspired yourself!      

Never one to ignore a coincidence, while reading one of Toye’s replies to a comment, I noticed he mentioned green demolitions.

Green Demolitions has been on my radar for a while.  Everybody wins with them.

  •  Homeowners who want to donate receive pick up and tax credits.
  • Industry professionals have access to gorgeous building material, good pricing, reducing project costs and gaining “green building” points.
  • The environment wins by eliminating landfill waste and associated energy costs.
  • The do good and charity wins: recycling, jobs created, economy stimulated, and funds earned for Recovery Unlimited’s whose purpose is: recycling, creating jobs, supporting economic stimulus,  and earning funds for 501(c)(3) charitable outreach programs.

I believe the “Green Building” or sustainable building movement is good for not the planet and the beings living on it, but job creation and the economy as well. If you a considering building a new home, or remodeling the one you have, do the research. Choose well, live happy.