Green Job Hunting

I think we can all agree that “going green”, “living sustainably”, “taking the eco-route”, is not a trend. That is good news for job hunters. That is great news for people looking to springboard their passion for the earth or the sustainable sciences into genuine careers.

Aside from creating fodder for bloggers, the drive for more sustainable living continually creates opportunity in many career fields to expand, and move into new territory. Automobile manufacturers once advertising mostly comfort or muscle are now sure to produce hybrid vehicles they can boast have notably impressive MPG.  Hybrid cars are becoming standard enough that there are electric car chargers in lighting fixture showrooms, public parking lots and grocery stores.

Engineering and development are clearly ripe for career revitalization.  Making yourself a marketable professional is moving toward educating yourself, getting the correct letters and credentials to support you are “green wise”.

Not just solar panel manufacturers are on the upswing, but companies to install are growing, employing field staff, office staff, and sales people. Solar power creates a new opportunity for electricians. Solar roof shingles are now in the early stages of use, which will create another dimension for roofers.  Wind energy and geo-thermal are additional forms of renewable energy that present the opportunity for alternative career paths.   Renewable and clean energy jobs will increase as the government and the private sector make a growing commitment to fund both research and development and apply what is being created.

New websites are popping up for just green jobs, and old timer earth loving sites are now including green job searches are part of their content.

Green Job Sites:
Sustainable Business
The Green Job Bank
  (Top job search aggregate website)

Young people with fresh ideas and passion will benefit from this exhilarating time of new thought, both bursting into current industry and busting out and creating new ones. Those with some time on their career clock can benefit as well, translating solid experience into invigorating change.

Career wise, it’s a good time to be green.

Love my life at Sharanam Shire in Lakehurst, NJ, with my talented husband PyroPortraitsbyWillFleming. Our pup Shanti and feline royalty Hamish are the warm furry components of home. Having my son Joshua visit on a regular basis completes the deal.. They are all wonderful about understanding that my purpose on this planet is strive to live with the highest integrity, choose ethically, and surround myself and those I love with the most environmentally sound, sustainable, and healthy choices. I am a Purchasing Manager for one of NJ’s greenest builders by day, and a tree hugging, animal loving, conscious chooser 24/7. Visit my blog page at and check out my FB pages and

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