Filthy Farmgirl Soap | Product Review

filthymindLooking for a good all-natural soap to clean your filthy-self? Look no further, Filthy Farmgirl soap is sure to please. I came across this company at a local Saturday farmers market in the Puna District of the Big Island of Hawaii, which, as it turns out, is how Filthy Farmgirl got its start, very much a “grass roots” upstart within the community.

What grabbed my attention over to this soap companies booth was the clever, funky designs and vintage style of their labels and packaging that this product comes in. Printed one 100% recycled paper, Filthy Farmgirl’s soaps come in absolutely hilarious/catchy/at times naughty wrappings that boast the brand’s fun outlook on life. Whether your a filthy musician, a filthy unicorn, or even a filthy yogi there is a soap for you. I personally went with a floral selection of Filthy Farmgirl which is a ‘rose butter shampoo and bath bar’, and I was immediately pleased with the product’s smooth lather and perfect amount of fragrant floral scent.rosebutter

Check out Filthy Farmgirl and browse among floral scents like ‘calendula lavender oatmeal’ and ‘cardamom rose’, or choose from some citrus flavors like the ‘cheeky ginger citrus’ or ‘lucky ducky lemon drop’. You can shop from minty selections like ‘manly mint’ and ‘frisky eucalyptus’, or spicy soaps like ‘patchouli sutra’ or ‘silly sarsaparilla’. Or, you can browse among plenty of sweet & mild soaps and garden & woodsy ones as well. Whatever essential oils and herbs and flavors you prefer, Filthy Farmgirl has most likely mixed it up in one creative concoction or another. You can even get a sweet soap for your pup like ‘muddy puppy’ or ‘delicate dawg’ and tons of flavors for their ‘smoochie lip balms’.

luckylemondropThe best part about the whole Filthy Farmgirl product line is their ‘Live Nakedly’ philosophy. Their motto is, “Being good to the earth starts with being good to ourselves, and our friends. Healthy, happy (and yes, clean) people are intrinsically good for the earth! We believe our soap puts people in touch with the earth though their senses, and enlivens the otherwise mundane ritual of washing. We have been making soap for ourselves for years, and now we are rockin’ out, putting quality bath products into the hands of like-minded farmgirls and farmboys like you! We grow and harvest many of our herbs and spices ourselves, and go out of our way to support local organic farmers whenever possible.”

You can check out all the ingredients for each and every product they sell on their webpage. Learn about the varieties of all natural and vegan friendly essential oils, herbs and spices, and natural emulsifiers and saponifiers.  And for all you senstive-skinned folk out there, take note that all of the Filthy Farmgirl products contain zero detergents, sulfates, surfactants, artificial scents, colorizers, and no petroleum products. Get your filthy self cleaned up!


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