What to do with Old Cell Phones!

Did you buy the new iPhone 5?  What should you do with your old phones?

If you’re one of the more than 5 million people who have purchased the new iPhone 5, you might be wondering what to do with your old cell phone.  Reselling it is an option, but what about donating them?  Several organizations collect old cell phones, sell them to recyclers, and use the money received to fund their programs.

Cell Phones for Soldiers uses the proceeds from the sale of old phones to purchase pre-paid calling cards for soldiers overseas.  Most US cell phones would not work in the Middle East, so they can’t send the phones directly to the soldiers.  The organization’s website states that they sell the phones to “a company that recycles them”, but does not state which company.  There are some disreputable cell phone recyclers, so more information on where the phones actually end up would be beneficial. More information on this subject can be found at triplepundit.com.

The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence also accepts old phones.  They use the money they receive from the sale of phones to a recycler to fund their work to prevent domestic violence.  Their website states that their recycler is Cellular Recycler, a US-based electronics recycler with several environmental certifications.

911 Cell Phone Bank collect phones and send them to a recycler who refurbishes and redistributes them to emergency responders and victim service agencies. Though they don’t specifically state what recycling companies they use, they affirm that their partners have the proper environmental certifications and comply with their high standards.

If you’re interested in donating your old cell phones or other electronics, consider the above or research non-profit organizations that could use them that are local to your community.  Make sure to check out their charity status on charitynavigator.org  to confirm it’s a legitimate organization, and ask questions about the recycling companies and processes used.  Whichever non-profit organization you choose, your old phones could be put to much better use than sitting in a dark desk drawer for years to come.


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